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Facilities Maintenance

Strategic facilities maintenance is one of the most important components of a productive and successful business. A sound maintenance strategy keeps the quality and appearance of commercial facilities intact and conveys value to customers, employees and business associates.

Facilities maintenance requires a comprehensive set of services and expertise, to drive long-term growth and profitability. G-SIDA brings that expertise. We’ve developed a facilities maintenance model that reduces costs while allowing your team to focus on core responsibilities and value-added strategic initiatives.

We equip our team with the necessary knowledge, training and tools to be highly-skilled professionals who deliver outstanding customer service. We understand the value to our customers of having skilled technicians service their account.We are known for consistently delivering quality work, done quickly, by qualified people.

At G-SIDA we pride ourselves in delivering first class service that goes above and beyond the usual services other Facilities Maintenance companies. We free up your time so that you can concentrate on running your business, safe in the knowledge that we are committed to the job at hand. Whether your need includes emergency repairs or planned maintenance, have a small job or big project, we deliver. That’s our promise.

Our Services Include:

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Janitorial Services

G-SIDA utilizes “green” cleaning protocols to minimize exposure to toxic chemicals and ensure that your facility runs at an optimal level and is a healthy place to work. Our expert commercial cleaners are trained, knowledgeable and understand that cleaning isn’t just about what the customers see, it’s also about how the customers feel. At G-SIDA, we train our employees in the proper use of cleaning products. We are committed to getting surfaces clean and keeping employees healthy.

Our Services Include:

  • Window Washing
  • Housekeeping
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Public Area Cleaning
  • Construction Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing

Moving and Logistics

G-SIDA’s commercial movers are devoted to providing our customers with a well-organized and a worry-free relocation. Our friendly team of moving professionals will be on hand to review all aspects of the move and provide strategies to expedite the process. No time will be wasted. We will swiftly return your set-up back to normal, without major interruption or delay. G-SIDA commercial movers have the talent and tools to execute all types of business transitions, whether you're moving down the street or across the country.

Our Services Include:

Our move coordinator provides clients with up-to the-minute relocation support, from the initial planning phase to overall completion. At G-SIDA, we know the most significant part of moving a business is the preparation phase. The move plan will guarantee that everyone remains on task and on time, ensuring no down time for your business.
Our certified moving consultants manage everything for our clients. We treat your business as if it were our own.

Landscaping Services

Our landscaping services include everything from drainage solutions, plantings, irrigation, walls, walkways, patios and more. We provide a project proposal, which details costs and timelines. Our clients are assigned a professional project manager who oversees the project from start to finish and can address any questions or concerns. Installations are done by our expert landscaping crew who are well trained in proper planting practices and technical skills. Once we provide our clients with a landscape design, the G-SIDA team of experts can turn that design into reality.

Our Services Include:


Athletic Field Maintenance & GMAX Testing

From baseball to football to soccer and more, athletic field maintenance is essential to a safe and healthy sports environment.Maintaining sports turf requires technical expertise and specialty equipment to ensure the highest quality surface while enhancing the visual aesthetic.

Our Services Include:

G-Max testing is the standard method developed for testing and determining the shock attenuation of synthetic turf athletic fields. Impact testing of synthetic turf is important, as G-Max values can directly correlate to the safety of the playing surface. Higher G-max values indicate harder playing surfaces, leading to higher probability of concussions and other injuries from impacting the surface. The ASTM has established a G-Max value of 200 as the maximum allowable limit, however ideal conditions should never exceed 165 at any location on the field.

At G-SIDA, we use state-of-the-art G-Max testing equipment, to provide consistency and accuracy. All of our testing personnel are trained and certified to perform G-Max tests according to ASTM standards. The data obtained is evaluated and verified by us as an independent agency. We provide our clients with a written report for each field tested, showing findings, procedures, and all pertinent field data.

Construction Management Services

As professionals, we have a vested interest in each client. We take time to understand your unique needs and challenges. We apply our comprehensive experiences within multiple industries to develop a tailored construction management plan. The opportunity to be engaged during the design phase and to collaborate with the team at such an early stage is a significant advantage. Our preconstruction services ensure every aspect of your project is thoughtfully planned out, including anticipating unexpected issues that would otherwise hold up a job. Your project will meet all your objectives, while adhering to your time and budget requirements.

We’ll implement the latest cutting-edge methods to actively manage the project at this critical stage, controlling cost and schedule, ensuring well-coordinated design documents are produced, and maximizing value for your construction investment. Our professional staff will also work with you to retain high-quality contractors within your budget constraints, to ensure that every detail for your project is given proper attention.

Our Services Include: